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Alfredo Gnocchi with Crumbled Blue Cheese

Alfredo Gnocchi with Crumbled Blue Cheese

Treat your family to the ultimate comfort food with this creamy Alfredo Gnocchi and Crumbled Blue Cheese. Simple and delicious!


What you’ll need

  • OLIVIERI® Potato Gnocchi 350g
  • OLIVIERI® Herb Alfredo 600 ml
  • 1 cup of crumbled Gorgonzola or goat cheese

  • BOIL OLIVIERI® Potato Gnocchi for 2 minutes. Drain pronto.
  • COOK OLIVIERI® Herb Alfredo until heated through (2- 3 minutes).
  • ADD pasta and toss with care until coated.
  • MIX in your preferred cheese until velvety smooth and devour!
Tasty Tip: Add crispy bacon for added crunch and flavour!

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